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Buy Bird-Feeders Online

For those who buy bird-feeders online, the choices of style are nearly endless. As bird lovers know, a well designed bird-feeder can enhance the atmosphere of a patio or backyard by attracting a variety of beautiful birds. The choice of bird-feeder can influence the types of birds that visit, which means that with a little research, it is possible to buy bird-feeders online that will encourage specific types of local birds to make your home a regular stopping place.
While it is possible to buy bird-feeders online of many sizes, shapes and colors, those that are not designed specifically for certain species of birds generally tend to fall loosely into a three main categories. These are called hopper feeders, platform feeders and tube feeders.

Hopper feeders tend to be shaped like a box with a roof, often using sturdy, clear plastic for the sides, and wood for the top or roof. Some are plain and others are fancy replicas of houses, gazebos and the like. Those who buy birdfeeders online will find many practical and beautiful hopper feeder types. Hopper feeders usually are able to hold a great deal of seed, and landing areas are designed to accommodate birds of varying sizes. These feeders often attract a variety of birds, including cardinals and finches.

Platform feeders tend to be placed closer to the ground, with some coming with legs that fold out. Shopping to buy bird-feeders online can help to find the best model for your bird-feeding area. Platform feeders are meant for birds that tend to be ground feeders, and often attract such birds as doves, bluebirds, mockingbirds, and orioles.

Tube feeders, which, for those who buy bird-feeders online, can easily be purchased in a variety of sizes, have the advantage of being difficult for squirrels to rob. They are designed to accommodate small birds, which are often pushed away or frightened off from other types of feeders by the larger birds.

A little research can help you to buy bird-feeders online that will help to attract your favorite breeds of local birds to your feeding area. With the addition of a bird-feeder or two, your patio or backyard can soon be enhanced by the lovely colors and songs of your local bird population.